4x4 Drivers are officially assholes

Well, OK, that might be a bit strong, but the results of a report published today in the British Medical Journal has found that drivers of 4x4s, or Chelsea Tractors, as they are commonly called in London, are a menace.

The observational study at three busy sites in London was undertaken to assess:

  • The level of compliance with the UK's recent laws on mandatory penalties for using hand held mobile phones whilst driving.
  • Comparing compliance with this phone law to compliance with the law on the compulsory wearing of seat belts.
  • To compare compliance with these laws between the drivers of normal cars and the drivers of four-wheel drive vehicles.

Looking at the drivers of 38,182 normal cars and 2,944 4x4 drivers the study found that 4x4 drivers are 4 times more likely to use their mobile phone whilst driving (8.2% v 2%) and highly likely not to wear their seatbelts (19.5% v 15%)

It has been stated that 4x4 drivers are over-compensating for their feelings of safety. 4x4s are safer in crashes but are putting themselves and other road users at greater risk of injury.
So, 4x4 drivers are officially dangerous.