Anti Climate Lobbyists Reach New Lows

Lobbying firm sends ant-climate change bill letters from "old peole's homes".

After last week's news that big oil are against a better environment it seems that the lobbyists who oppose any moves to limit climate change (incase it dents the profits of big business) have stooped to a new low point.

The Guardian reports that a U.S. Congressional hearing has uncovered over a dozen forged letters to members of congress opposing the climate change bill. The house select committee on energy independence and global warming has confirmed 13 forged letters and is still investigating a further 45 written correspondences.

Bonner & Associates, a lobbying firm, was hired to fight against the climate bill proposed by President Barack Obama. The bill, if passed, aims to reduce America's carbon emissions by 17% by 2020 and by as much as 83% by 2050. That's an aggressive and staggeringly brilliant cut in CO2 if it can be accomplished but Bonner & Associates and their paymasters, PR firm Hawthorn Group in turn bankrolled by the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, are against cuts in emissions.

The forged letters so far have supposedly been sent from ethnic groups and even old people's homes.

If America put all its heart & soul into renewal energy and green technology then it would be able to create new job opportunities in these environmental industries. But as long as the corporations are short-sighted enough to fail to see beyond the current status quo then they will attempt to derail any attempts forAmerica to go green.