Back on the Tom's Toothpaste

Well, the Green People fennel toothpaste ran out, so it was nice to find the Tom's of Maine spearmint toothpaste on the shelves again. This time we've gone for their "nature's antiplaque toothpaste with propolis & myrrh".

As with the green people paste it contains no fluoride and doesn't have that super-sugary taste that affects so many of the usual household brands.

And the really great thing about Tom's is they print the ingredients, their purpose and source in the box for all you green geeks to know exactly what's in your product, why it's there and where it came from. Fantastic!

Check out the table for the Spearmint antiplaque with propolis & myrrh...


Calcium Carbonate
Mild abrasive
Purified calcium from the earth

Aqua (water)
Maine aquifier

Vegetable oils

Birch trees

Mentha Viridis and Mentha piperita
Spearmint & Peppermiont leaves

Chondrus Crispus

Sodium lauryl sulfate
Derived from Coconut Oil

Commiphora myrrha (myrrh)
Clean, healthy-feeling mouth
Resin from the myrrh bush

Propolis Cera (propolis)
Clean, healthy-feeling mouth
Mixture of tree resin gathered by bees

Now... if only every manufacturer could be that forthcoming with their ingredients...


I have used Cuprident all natural toothpaste which also has no fluoride and even solves gingivitis.problems

Thanks, Cyndi. You also designed their website too, didn't you? ;)

Actually I did and in the process I became a big fan of the toothpaste but even more their mouth foam. Obviously to develop their website I had to learn about their product and they wanted me to use it. I did comparisons with any clinical studies by any of their competition. (there werent many) the product is amazing and has really taken care of all of my gum problems

I read that Sodium Lauryl Sulfate is a very harsh ingredient. How come we`re not given the % of it? And what is wrong with fluoride?? Isnt it good for your teeth?