BBC Climate Change Experiment

Run your experiment as a screensaver and see the results on a spinning globe

The BBC are conducting the world's largest climate change experiment and anybody with a home PC can help out.

The scientists involved in the project do have supercomputers at their dispoal but even these mighty machines can only do so much. That's where the combined power of say, 10,000 home PCs could help and number-crunch more data than the world's biggest computer.

So how does a home PC help with climate change?

Many home PCs use only a fraction of their processing power and it is the spare "redundant" processing power that can be used to perform calculations whilst you're, say, surfing the 'net or typing out a document. This method, known as distributed computing, has been used successfully on medical projects in the past.

Sounds Good. How can I help?

All you need to do is download the programme, save & install it and then your PC does the rest. The programme runs in the background and you probably won't even know it's there.
Any problems, there's a good FAQ section there too.