Beat Gas Price Rises with a Lightbulb

Are we mad? No. But Phil Bentley, the MD of British Gas is!

Today British Gas announced a staggering 35% rise in gas prices. It also announced a 9% increase in electricity prices too.

The ITV Evening News interviewed a number of people, who are already struggling to make ends meet, about how they might cope with the huge price rises and then asked Phil Bentley, the MD of British Gas, whether he thought it was right to raise gas prices by 35% when this could put thousands of homes at risk of being subject to "fuel poverty".

His reaction was that British Gas are doing "everything they can" to help people out including sending out energy efficient lightbulbs. WTF!?

So your average annual gas bill rises by over £210 a year and British Gas think that giving you a couple of energy efficient bulbs will help? What planet do they live on?

Sure, BG are using your extra money to invest in further electricity generation for next year and beyond (I still have a problem with gas companies not specialising in gas) but that's cold comfort for the people who will freeze to death this winter.