Big Brand Litter - Time for Payback?

A new report by The House of Lords Science & Technology Committee has officially suggested what we've been saying here for a while; businesses should account for waste from their own products.

After reporting on the negligence of companies toward handling their own big brand litter, we asked the questions:

  • Shouldn’t mass-market global brands be contributing a good percentage of their profits toward cleaning up the by-products of their products?
  • Should there be a litter tax whereby for every item of a certain brand/item that is swept up from public places there is a charge to the producer/manufacturer?

These are fair questions since all good people want their towns and cities to be clean and litter louts are not just a nuisance but also cost honest taxpayers money too. The other night Bill Bryson was on TV highlighting the litter problem this country has suffered over the last few decades; in one instance a council spent £6 million on litter picking and around 60-70% of that was from cigarette-related waste.

Cheers to our councils for trying to fine people. Cheers for campaigns to get Britain tidy. And cheers to the report for confirming what so many of us have been thinking all along.