Big Garden Birdwatch

Today's the day, folks, it's the RSPB's Big Garden Birdwatch.

All you have to do is spend an hour today or tomorrow watching the birds - whether in your garden, a local park or in the woods. Just record the numbers of the species that you see and send the results in to the RSPB.

The RSPB is hoping that around 500,000 people will be able to record the abindance of birdllife in their gardens, parks and the countryside.

The Big Garden Birdwatch will then allow the RSPB to monitor bird numbers and identify which species are in the most need of help.

We've been putting out a mixture of bird foods all winter so we're going to go give the birds a spot of late breakfast now and see who turns up (It's usually a couple of greedy Wood Pigeons, but let's wait and see, aye?)

If you want to take part, either today or tomorrow, just set aside one hour of your time, download th handy ID sheet and note away. When you've finished, just submit your results.

Right, time to put out some seeds, brew up some tea and relax for an hour of birdwatching...