BIOS Urn for Recycled Humans

When I die I want to be a... tree!

Well, if that's what you want, your last wish can come true thanks to the BIOS Urn.

Originally designed in 2000 by Gerard Moline, the latest incarnation of the BIOS urn, from Spanish designer Martín Azúa, is made from coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose with a funky green design on the outer sleeve.

The biodegradable urn comes complete with a seed to sow in the ashes of the deceased or you can substitute this with a seed or cutting of your own.

So if being a grey headstone is not for you or the benefit of the world then consider being a mighty oak and get your BIOS urn exclusively from LIMBO.

Editor's Note: We published this story back in May 2011 and since publication the LIMBO website address for purchasing the BIOS urn has changed and we've updated the links accordingly. Thank you :)


i want to know were is possible buy this urn or how to do to order this urn

Hi Paola,

LIMBO have changed their web address since we published this story. Visit their new website at or, en espanol,