BT paper-free billing

When a bill comes through the post we all have a groan. However, the latest bills from BT have a nice little box-out to make things a little sweeter.

"Help the environment - sign up to paper-free billing."

Now that's a good idea - no more 3x sheets of A4 paper stuffed in an envelope every month. And what's more, our national provider of telecomms has teamed up with The Woodland Trust to offer the planting of a sapling if you sign up for BT online billing.

There is one catch though - you do still get a bill.

Apparently we've lost something like 50% of our ancient woodland over the last century, so by signing up for paper-free billing BT will purchase a native broadleaf sapling and The Woodland Trust will plant your little gift in one of their woodland creation sites. What will it be? A Beech tree, a Chestnut tree or how about a mighty Oak?

So yeah, if you're a BT customer why not go paper-free and do just one more little thing for this country's future woodland heritage. From little acorns...