Bush's Last Parting Shot at the Environment?

Oh dear. It looks like George W Bush wants to rush through environmentally damaging changes to the Endangered Species Act. Clearly the man has no shame, no brain and absolutely no concern for the natural world in any shape or form.

This looks like it could be his last parting shot, a f**k you, if you will, to the people that have watched his tenure with continued astonishment.

If you're in the oil, mining or logging industries, it looks like your old buddy Dubbya has handed you the keys to the wilderness on a silver platter.

This excerpt from the BBC News;

US environmentalists have accused President George W Bush of trying to rush through changes to the Endangered Species Act in his last days in office.

They say the changes could take away protection for animals and plants facing possible extinction.

The Bush administration wants to make it easier for drilling, mining and major construction projects to go ahead without a full scientific assessment.
Under current rules, the impact of such projects must be assessed by experts.

The changes proposed by the Bush administration would let federal agencies make the decisions without a full scientific assessment as to the likely impact on the environment.

Mr Bush has already been criticised by environmentalists for adding fewer than 10 species of plant and animals a year to the endangered list.
That contrasts with former President Bill Clinton, who added an average of 65 species a year.

Mr Bush has until Friday to publish the new rules, if they are to take effect before he leaves office.

If he presses ahead, environmental groups and some states are almost certain to challenge the decision in the courts.

President-elect Barack Obama will take office on 20 January, 2009.