Climate Change is Everybody's Business

10 months ago the Confederation of British Industry set up a Climate Change Task Force to identify and assess climate change and its affect on British Business.

Last Monday the task force published its findings and it says that it's not just the realm of government and consumers to be doing their bit to go green but business should be actively involved too.

The team, headed up by the chief exec of BT, comprised a number of bigwigs of British Industry and their findings were not driven by simple treehugger philosophies but by the unavoidable fact that climate change will impact upon business unless something is done urgently.

In addition, the task force sees opportunities to generate more business with the onset of global warming with those companies that invest in alternative energy and more efficient heating & cooling technologies as being the ones who help to abate the effects of climate change [We also reckon there's a few quid in it for them too, especially seeing the recent Google go green move - Ed]

If big business and the voice of business, the CBI, can come to these conclusions then it's good news. Let's hope the CBI can lobby the government for more assistance and direction in going green. They could kickstart funding the the new green revolution by taxing those stupid big 4x4s off the road.

Be sure to see the CBI's Climate Change Report and video.