Compost bin

At last, the compost bin turned up.
After 10 whole weeks without one, after graciously leaving the other one behind at the last place, we now have our very own 330 litre compost bin. Whoopee.
And it was worth the wait because it was a good price and it's HUGE too.
The local council were offering these composters at a discount; so we ordered direct from the manufacturers, quoted the promotional code and save a few pence too - the money we saved allowed us to get a water butt to collect our rainwater.
So, visit and, right now (at the time of publishing) you can get a 220 litre compost bin for £30 (that's £10 off the RRP) and the 330 litre compost bin, like ours for just £40 (normally retails for £50) They even do a 130 litre mini-composter and a really cool beehive wooden composter.
Now all we have to do is transfer all the old material we stored in a far-flung corner of the garden to our new composter...


For the ultimate green composting bin, try making one yourself from wooden pallets that bricks are delivered on. I found four discarded pallets, checked that it was OK to take them and then tied them together with string to form a "pen". It worked so well that I have since built another one. The compost bin is well ventilated through the slats in the pallets and emptying it is easy as I just untie the front pallet to remove the compost. Happy composting!

Now that IS the ultimate green composting bin, re-using old pallets. Thanks for the green tip, Elinor :)