Earth Hour Nears...

...Saturday 28th March 2009 at 8:30pm.

Yes folks it's nearly time for Earth Hour again. Earth Hour takes place on Saturday night at 8:30pm local time so whether you're in  Sydney, London, New York or Los Angeles at 8:30pm your time it's time to switch the lights out.

The whole purpose of Earth Hour is to highlight the need for government action on energy use and climate change. By looking to sign up 1 billion people, the WWF are hoping to demonstrate the strength of public sentiment toward climate change.

Here we're going to be switching all the lights out and even vacating the HQ for the night as we attend a party so if any readers out there want to take part and turn everything off for an hour that would be much appreciated.

To take part in Earth Hour all you have to do is switch the lights off for that one hour at 8:30pm. Even better would be to sign up and tell the WWF you're supporting them. Have a party, tell your friends, spread the word and let people know that you care. Otherwise, if we keep going at the pace we are and allow the governments to burn resources at 20th century rates then we're all in trouble.

Do it. Do Earth Hour.