Eco Home Resource

For people who want the green lifestyle to be integrated into their home there's a number of things they can do. Installing energy-efficient light-bulbs is a good cheap start, as is turning down the thermostat and recycling your trash. But have you thought about using green insulation like when we used hemp/cotton insulation in the wall cavities in our bathroom, or natural flooring that uses only wool or grass?

If you're interested in really pushing the boat out in greening your home then there's no better place to look than the new Eco Home Resource website. They cover every aspect of having an environmentally friendly home from the easy tips we've just mentioned to green roofs and building materials.

And it's not just the structure of your green home that's important, Eco Home Resource remind us that the appliances & furniture you choose and the paint & colours you use are equally important, not to mention using feng shui and aromatherapy to give you that extra satisfaction of a happy eco house.

In addition to being an absolute gold mine of green home products, information and ideas, the Eco Home Resource website has an excellent section on Eco services for your home. The services are all US-based but there are literally tons of them and we were impressed by the sheer number of Solar Power service providers.

So if you're in the US and need the eco bible for your home and resources then check out Eco Home Resource. If you're not in America then take a look anyway, there's so much good information there.