Energenie Automatic AV Standby Shutdown

If, like us, you're one of those households with a TV, satellite receiver, games console and other devices plugged in to one socket on the wall, you'll have probably noticed how inconvenient it can be trying to save energy by constantly trying to plug/unplug/switch off all the time. We want to switch off all the devices that we don't need but reaching the gang socket behind the TV stand can often be really awkward.

That's where the excellent Energenie Automatic AV Standby Shutdown, a standby power saver, comes in - This device looks just like a 5-way gang socket extension except for the excellent energy-saving features: You plug the extension in place of your old one and first plug the satellite receiver in to the "always on" socket. Then the other devices, such as our TV, Wii Fit, DVD Player and amplifier are plugged in to the remaining sockets.

Next, you switch the gang extension on via the big green button and then place the infra-red sensor in a place where it will pick up a remote signal from one of your infra-red remote control handsets - we chose the TV's handset.

Once the extension has been "trained" you can now use the TV remote control to operate the Energenie power saving extension. Leaving the device on, it recognises when power is being consumed by your TV, games console etc and when there is minimal energy use and it recognises all devices as in standby... it switches the gang extension off and saves you power.

We've been really impressed by the Energenie standby power saver - Once you switch the TV off at night the other devices are quick to follow and within 30 seconds your electrical items are all switched off with only the "always on" satellite receiver in standby.

We're thinking of getting one of these for our PC setup too so that we can have our PC and printers off but keep the broadband cable modem on.

With 4 controlled sockets, an always on socket and a 1.5m cable this remote-operated power saving device will also reduce fire risk and save you money too.  If you want one now (and we recommend it to any green household) then go to Amazon to get your Energenie automatic AV standby shutdown device.