E.ON's True Colours

We don't like the energy company E.ON

Previously they've attempted greenwash to promote their image by getting football fans to car share in their carbon footyprint campaign.

Then somebody kindly pointed out that E.ON's new Kingsnorth power station is to be coal-fired, belching out as much CO2 in one year as E.ON are asking football fans to save over a period of 200 years!

Asking us to do our bit whilst they continue to pollute is ludicrous.

And now, according to the BBC, Mark Owen-Lloyd of E.ON showed yesterday exactly what the power company thinks of high energy bills.

When asked at a presentation in a seminar run by the energy regulator Ofgem what a cold winter would do for energy prices, the E.ON executive said it would mean "more money for us"

With a profit of £877 million last year and energy bills up 30% recently, that sort of remark shows the sort of contempt that the energy companies have for Joe public.

Despite making a statement that this was a personal remark and did not reflect the views of the company, it makes you wonder just how many more people like this are working at E.ON... all of them? In business you don't tell the customer you're there to make money from them, you simply think it and keep your mouth shut. E.ON's Mr Owen-Lloyd was obviously too excited about the bonuses he's going to rob earn from the poor and the elderly to exercise any "restraint".

This isn't just energy generation, this is cold-hearted business, the sort of business where greed wins over service.

What are you going to do if you don't like it, go somewhere else and get your energy? Because all the other big energy companies in this "free market" have put their prices up too. So basically we're all being bent over a barrel by the big energy companies whilst they extract a fat profit from your shallow pockets in order to line theirs.

Gotta have a bit of bubbly at the shareholders meeting? Sounds about right.