Evangelicals go Green

Oh my God. First it was Bush, now the Christians are going green.

Well, OK, George W Bush did admit that "America is addicted to oil" and then pay lip service to potential green measures but all that remains to be seen.

And that same opinion was voiced on a TV interview where one evangelical leader said "We need action not hot air!" or words to that effect.

He is one of a group of around 85 evangelical leaders that have funded TV and newspaper campaigns urging American Christians and the US Government to commit to help cut global warming through the reduction of greenhouse gases.

The newspaper advertisment reads "With God's help global warming can be stopped for our kids, our world and our Lord" and calls on US Congress to do more to get companies to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

However, some of the more radical religious groups contest the campaign by questioning the scientific claims behind global warming or even saying that going green is just a distraction from the issues of abortion and family values.

So watch out for the term "green tax", I'm sure it will become more talked about in the months ahead.



Thank God(literally!) that some religious leaders are starting to speak up about the wanton destruction of his greatest gift to us:God's Creation.