Find Me a Milkman

About a year ago now we were tipped-off about a website called Find Me a Milkman. Before we could even blog about the site or use it, there was a knock on the door and our local milkman was there drumming up business for the milk round. We signed up straight away and have been happy as hippies on a green planet since.

So why is having your milk delivered such a green option? Well, for starters, the milk-float is the classic green vehicle. Electric-powered and virtually silent, the milkman delivers your daily pint with very little in the way of emissions.

Secondly, every milk bottle goes back to the depot and is thoroughly sterilised before being re-used and re-filled. A milk bottle can be re-used between 12 and 40 times, better than tetrapak landfill cartons and HDPE re-cyclable plastic bottles. Now that's green.


That's good as far as it goes. I get my milk delivered but I'm wondering how much energy it takes to sterilise all those bottles every day - and how far the milkman has to travel to get to my neck of the woods where nobody else has a milk delivery. Aren't plastic milk bottles recyclable now? If so, how much energy does that take? Might it not be greener for me to pick up a recyclable pint bottle on my way home from work (by bus)?

As much as recycling is something we promote it probably takes more effort to recycle plastic and obviously plastic is derived from oil, so going the glass milk bottle route is the path of choice.

You could argue that glass milk bottles weigh more and would push up transport costs but if its only from the depot to the door and back, that's OK. Your point on the milkman driving out to a remote spot is also very valid.

The other benefit of the local milkman is that it's guaranteed recycling every day - with plastic milk bottles you won't have them picked up from your doorstep unless of course you're a keen recycler and put the plastic milk bottles in the recycling bin AND the local council accepts that type of plastic in their recycling bins.

I don't actually have an answer but there are a wealth of possibilities to investigate in an attempt to find the perfect way to have your milk and drink it.