First Home-grown Organic Strawberries!

I was munching on some organic blueberries this morning and noted that my driveway was littered with fallen fruit from a day of very heavy winds (the tail-end of what was originally hurricane Bob, or so I'm told). There were plums, pears and another small orange fruit that I do not recognise.

However, when I turned to water my mint, basil and lavender I noticed that the strawberries I planted from seed have born their first fruit! OK, it's only one nearly-ripe little strawberry and another one on its way, but that's such a good feeling to have home-grown fruit without the carbon emissions of delivery mileage.

We've already got a wild strawberry patch in the garden but that fruited earlier in the year and the slugs got there first. I've never had the chance to eat fruit from my own garden so here's to the strawberries...!

Now to find a way to repel the slugs (and no, not with a slug catapult)