The G8 go green

The G8, the group of 8 industrialised nations (Britain, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia and the United States) have made a decision to go green.

Actually it's a decision to wholeheartedly go green by... cutting emissions by 50% and not the 100% you might expect.

And despite the rapid rate of deterioration in so many (eco, social, political) systems in the world, the G8 have given themselves a nice and easy 42 years in which to achieve this.

Whilst the leaders now slap eachother on the back for such brilliant "progress", especially after last year's decisive move to "seriously consider" pulling their fingers out over the affects of global warming, carbon emissions etc, this is real step forward.

Or is it? Actually our first thought was "pathetic" and funnily enough that's exactly the WWF said. South Africa's environment minister also condemned the deal saying this was probably more of a regression than a progression.

When the leading 8 nations of the world can't get their act together then it's time for a revolution! Either that or just do it yourself. Oh wait, we already are.