Go Green - Drink Local Real Ale

Here at Everything's Gone Green we're great proponents of real ale, especially local real ale. Our local brewery is the Hog's Back Brewery in Tongham, Surrey, just a couple of miles down the road across the Hampshire border. They brew HBB (Hog's Back Bitter), TEA (Traditional English Ale) and, last weekends favourite session brew, Hop Garden Gold.

The beauty of real ale when compared to the "global brands" is that breweries supply the local area, stimulating & supporting local economies, transport costs are drastically reduced and there is less money wasted on huge advertising campaigns which aggressively promote bland & tasteless "beers" which are more manufactured than actually brewed with the care and attention that real ale gets.

This month CAMRA, the CAMpaign for Real Ale, piped up and put forth the view that we totally subscribe to... "Drink Real Ale and Save the Planet!"

Why? Well they go a step further than just buying bottles of local real ale - they promote the fact that you don't have to recycle glass by simply supporting your local pub and its line of local real ales. They also point out that transport costs are kept down and that local pubs with local brews keeps local economies strong by supporting local jobs.

What are you waiting for? Go find your friendly local real ale pub and demand a point of the finest local ale.