The Green Debate

Whilst debating the subject of "Global Warming is a Hoax" with some people on the Internet (note that it was a pre-loaded debate and not "Is Global warming a Hoax?") I was kindly introduced to the following piece of footage.

Before you watch the following clip I just want to say that although we're proponents of the green movement we encourage open-minded debate and clarity of thought and we always have a healthy dose of scepticism in our thinking, be it toward the green and non-green sides of the argument.

This allows for us to arrive at well considered conclusions and to have no blind opinions without looking at the available facts. It is with these simple default parameters that we have come to the path of promoting the 21st century green lifestyle.

But don't let our greenisms sway you, just watch, listen and consider the content of this video...

Many thanks to GiorgosK for enlightening us with this footage.


I have seen the debate and I have followed it from day one but I chose not to participate because of the title of the post

It was pretty clear they did not want to debate it and were not open to discussions

GiorgosK, that's a fair path you've taken. I have to admit that, whilst being extremely busy here, debating the points raised in the "global warming is a hoax" thread has been time-consuming yet highly interesting.

I think a lot of the scepticism shown regarding global warming and specifically man-made global warming, whilst certainly worthy of consideration, is unfortunately backed-up by some fairly close-minded thought processes.

Whilst the members of the green side of the debate accept possibilities and options, the detractors seem to be entrenched in a more stubborn and diametrically opposed position, That's quite sad really.