Green Leap Day

The National Trust has a novel idea for environmental work this leap year with it's own Green Leap Day.

All of the Trust's 4800 staff are being encouraged to take February 29th off and focus their efforts into green projects. The idea is that staff will work on going green at home with numerous simple household tasks such as:

  • Changing lightbulbs to energy-efficient lightbulbs
  • Draught-proofing windows & doors
  • Insulating loft spaces
  • Building a compost-heap in the garden
  • Organising the household recycling
  • Fixing up environmental transport, making sure bicycles are fixed

Staff who have already gone green are being encouraged to help out in community projects such as at their local schools.

The whole idea revolves around people actually getting up and doing work for the environment rather than merely talking about it... So we'd better get on with some work then, shouldn't we?

Ed - This might not be ideal for every business but what a great idea - if only other big organisations had the foresight and the balls to do their bit for the environment and not just on 1 day in every four years either, but at least it's a start!