Green Wheels Day

Continuing Energy Saving Week, it's Green Wheels Day today and the Energy Savings Trust are promoting green driving tips to reduce CO2 emissions such as:

  1. Change gear at no higher than 2,500rpm or 2,000rpm on a diesel
  2. Sticking to the 70mph speed limit - at 85 mph you apparently use 25% more fuel
  3. Drive smoothly, cruising in higher gears whenever you can
  4. Use your air con less (We'd say if it's hot open your windows ;) )
  5. Turn off your engine if you're going to be stationary for periods over a minute
  6. Share car journies wherever possible
  7. Remove roof racks, bike racks and travel boxes - air resistanc reduces fuel consumption
  8. Service your car regularly (change oil, plugs & air filter) and keep your tyres' air pressure correct

So, that's what you should be doing if you really have to use the car, otherwise we'd recommend;

  1. Staying at home
  2. Walking
  3. Cycling
  4. Taking the bus
  5. Buying a Toyota Prius, a Smart Car (personally we fancy the Smart Forfour Diesel) or something...