Greening your Junk Mail

It's so annoying to get junk mail don't you think? It's usually for all the stuff that you don't want; another credit card, mortgage, car insurance... Actually that's as far as I can remember about what sort junk mail we used to get because it's been quite a long time since we saw that deluge of wasted paper on our doormat - We joined the MPS the Mailing Preference Service. We prefer not to receive mail from random companies hawking their wares and we certainly don't want junk for the previous residents of this property who have not been here for over 2 years!

MPS online is the place to sign up. They don't guarantee to stop ALL your junk mail but they reckon it's good for cutting unwanted mail by as much as 95%. We can certainly vouch for that and we were only prompted to write this because we received a stray piece of junk mail yesterday. And if you're visiting from stateside, as a number of our visitors are, try the DMA's MPS in the U.S.

Once you've signed up for the Mail Preference Service it can take up to 4 months to see the reduction in evil junk mail but it's worth it. That's less junk mail, less paper used, less trees cut down, less crap for the postal service to carry around, less stress for you.

Now that just leaves the matter of all those pizza companies and local Asian restaurants that send their underpaid flunkies into our neighbourhood to try to get us to buy their greasy food...

Tips for avoiding junk mail:

  1. Sign up to the Mail Preference Service (UKor US)
  2. Sign up to paper free billing from your utility companies or your bank
  3. Be careful when you sign up for some services that you check the small print and tick boxes: make sure you do not wish to be sent more crap from "carefully selected partners" ;)
  4. If they still persist then fill up their pre-paid envelopes with all your other junk mail and post it back to them