Greenwash in the Japanese Paper Industry

Japan's Oji Paper has admitted to lying "for decades" about the amount of recycled paper in their products.

The leading paper maker in Japan has come clean about the fact that, in one case, the amount of recycled fibre in their copy paper was not 50% as claimed but only between 5 and 10%.

Some of Oji Paper's envelopes were thought to contain as much as 70% recycled paper whereas the real content was just 30%.

Oji Paper's admissions come hot on the heals of Nippon Paper Group who also greenwashed their products, especially millions of new year greeting cards where again the proportion of post-consumer paper was much lower than the company boasted.

Nippon Paper's shares dropped 10% on the news and Oji Paper's shares fell 5% with Fuji Xerox and other firms stating they would not stock Nippon Paper's products.

Kazuhisa Shinoda, Oji Paper's president, refused to resign but did take full responsibility and apologised for misleading clients & consumers. He attributed the drop in recycled materials to increased orders yet falling amounts of recycled material entering the production process.

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