Junk Mail

I was only away for 9 days and I came home to find a ton of junk mail on my doormat.

Apart from a couple of magazine subscriptions, the usual bills and letters (including welcome mail from Ecotricity and Triodos Bank) the majority of what I received was junk.

So, apart from just 11 legitimate pieces of mail the rest was:

  • 4 flyers ( in the local newspaper - 2 for national companies)
  • 3 collection bags from charities.
  • 2 Estate Agents' flyers.
  • 6 fast food flyers.
  • 5 National company flyers.
  • 1 Speculative Insurance invitation.
  • 10 other items of random junk

So legitimate mail was outnumbered by roughly 2:1 OK, I can sign up to the Mail Preference Service but it doesn't stop the junk in the local rag or the stuff that leaflet droppers are paid to deliver. Ah well, more stuff for the recycle bin and the compost bin then.