Britain, the Dustbin of Europe

As the county of Kent is the Garden of England, so the UK is the Dustbin of Europe. The Landfill Dustbin of Europe to be precise.

Figures out last month from the Local Government Authority show that Britain really is the dustbin of Europe, dumping more rubbish into landfill than any other European country.

The stats are for the last year of data, 2005, but it shows the following countries and the tonnage (in millions) of waste that goes into landfills each year.


Road Traffic up 84%

Somebody mentioned this statistic on one of those comedy TV shows last week and we though we would check it out. And sure enough we found that very same phrase in its entirety:

"Road traffic in Great Britain has grown by 84% since 1980"

That is a LOT of traffic, nearly double in under 30 years. It does add credence to the commonly held view that

"Weren't the roads much quieter when we were kids?"


Climate Change is Everybody's Business

10 months ago the Confederation of British Industry set up a Climate Change Task Force to identify and assess climate change and its affect on British Business.

Last Monday the task force published its findings and it says that it's not just the realm of government and consumers to be doing their bit to go green but business should be actively involved too.

Autumn and Winter Composting Tips

If you're a keen gardener or just doing all those good things that make up the green lifestyle, then you've probably got a compost bin in your back garden.

At this time of year the decomposition process slows down due to the cold and wet conditions, so here are a few autumn & winter composting tips to keep your composting process healthy during the colder months.