Vehicle Excise Duty Rates 2007/2008

Want to find out how much you'll be paying for your Vehicle Excise Duty (VED aka road tax) in 2007/2008? The Chancellor promised to tax the most polluting vehicles: Band G vehicles, the most polluting at 226g/km of CO2 and above, had their tax raised from £210 to £300 this year and will rise again to £400 in the tax year 2008/2009.
Pre-graduated VED (registered before March 2001)

£ per year


New rate

1549cc and below



above 1549cc



Goverment Must Help Us Go Green, Say UK Entrepreneurs

UK owner managers are calling for stronger government incentives to encourage green behaviour.

New research by entrepreneur think tank, the Tenon Forum, reveals that almost half (48 per cent) of UK owner managers think the government isn’t doing enough to support their efforts to implement environmentally friendly policies in the workplace, with entrepreneurs citing tax credits as one of the most effective ways for the Chancellor to motivate green behaviour.

Mexican Tortillla Protests

Tens of thousands of people have marched through Mexico City to protest at the rising price of Tortillas.

Tortillas, the flat corn bread and staple diet item for many Mexicans, has risen in price by over 400%. Many people blame the rise in demand for corn on the bio-fuels market where corn is converted to ethanol and used as an environmentally-friendly fuel in the emerging US 'green' car market.