Marks & Spencer Goes Green

Marks & Sparks, our recently refreshed & successful retailer, today announced plans to become carbon neutral in 5 years. M&S plans to spend £200million by 2012 to become one of Britain's greenest retailers.

And that's good news, because green consumers will love Marks & Spencer if they succeed, it will be good news for the environment & British life and hopefully it will spur other retailers on to also go green.

EU plans 'industrial revolution'

Mr Barroso's Commission will have to sell its ideas to EU leaders

This just in from the BBC

The European Commission is due to demand a new "industrial revolution" when it unveils a wide-ranging set of proposals on energy and climate issues.

The EU's civil service wants more investment in renewable energy, arguing that the old fuels have a political as well as clear environmental cost.

Rachel's Organic Go Green

Well, sort of...

We've got to admit that we were going to moan about the packaging of our daily delivery of Rachel's Organic semi-skimmed milk.

We started buying organic milk from our local milkman and with the only organic variety being Rachel's Organic, Britain's first organic dairy, we were a bit disappointed to see our milk turn up in Tetra Pak cartons.

Wind Turbines – Good or Bad?

OK, so we’re here to make sure that everything goes green but we’re not here to push products for the sake of boosting so-called green credentials… so what of the home wind turbine for instance?
Well, there’s been a bit of press recently regarding the fad of the wind turbine with notable people such as David Cameron, Jamie Olive and the new Science Minister, Malcolm Wicks giving their endorsements.


Yes, you did read that right... EnvironmentologyTM

We were just having a little web surf when Honda's EnvironmentologyTM website came up, a lovely looking little site proclaiming the company's commitment to environmentalism.

First up we reminisced over the original 1974 Honda Civic, the first vehicle to meet the United States' Clean Air Act.