Compare Energy Bills

With natural gas & oil running low in the North Sea, Britain is resorting to importing more and more of its energy needs.

Renewable energy is also on the agenda and yet the prices are constantly on the rise. Take yesterday’s gas price hikes from the French firm EDF – consumer gas prices up 19% due to the increased wholesale prices they say.

Northern Ireland's Green Energy Push

According to Secretary of State, Peter Hain, the Government of Northern Ireland is proposing changes to the Building Regulations to make renewable energy generation compulsory on all new builds from 2008.

That means that within 2 years it will be mandatory that all new homes, company and public buildings will be micro-generating energy via solar panels (to heat hot water) and solar photo-voltaic panels or small wind turbines to self-generate electricity.

Oh no, they sold Toms of Maine

How did this one slip by the radar?
Colgate Palmolive, once knocked by Tom's for putting artificial ingredients & sweeteners like saccharin in their toothpaste, paid $100 million cash for an 84% stake in the Kennebunk, Maine based business. However, Tom Chappell, the man himself, said that neither Tom's of Maine's business philosophy nor its product lines would change despite the majority share of Colgate.

With annual sales of around $50 million, Tom's will remain a stand-alone subsidiary of Colgate, though the familiar packaging will make no reference to its new owner.

Top UK Scientist in Climate Warning

The UK government's chief scientist, Professor Sir David King, warned today that the earth is likely to experience a temperature increase of 3°C because we are all failing to agree on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor King warned that even if international governments agreed and acted to restrict CO2 emissions climate change is inevitable.

Back on the Tom's Toothpaste

Well, the Green People fennel toothpaste ran out, so it was nice to find the Tom's of Maine spearmint toothpaste on the shelves again. This time we've gone for their "nature's antiplaque toothpaste with propolis & myrrh".

As with the green people paste it contains no fluoride and doesn't have that super-sugary taste that affects so many of the usual household brands.

Out of Ecover

Oh no, we ran out of Ecover washing up liquid, and just after a massive curry too. There is a shop just around the corner but it only sells those household brands, you know, the sorts of washing-up liquid that "cuts greasy grime in half the time"... sounds dodgy!

So, our support of the environment and the Belgian company Ecover continues with a trip to grab some of their Camomile & Marigold washing-up liquid.