Body Shop Sold Out

Anita Roddick's world-famous ethical The Body Shop chain is in the hands of the French cosmetics giant L'Oréal after a deal was agreed worth £652m.

L'Oréal, the world's biggest cosmetics company, who are part-owned (25%) by Nestlé, the world's biggest food company, agreed to pay 300p a share for stock worth 268p a share.

After 30 years of selling ethically-sourced cosmetics with 2000 stores in 53 countries, Dame Roddick and her husband, who still hold an 18% share in The Body Shop, are expected to make around £140m out of the sell-out.

Nuclear Not the Answer

Reporting to the UK Government, the Sustainable Development Commission has concluded that nuclear power is not the answer to Britain's future energy needs.

The SDC, the Government's independent watchdog on sustainable development, based it's findings on eight research papers and the report has delivered the SDC's result on the pros & cons of nuclear power, examining the options in a balanced and impartial manner.


San Fransisco Dog Poop Power

The city of San Fransisco is setting a good standard by recycling around two thirds of its waste, the remaining third still goes to land fill. And 4% of the waste collected is dog mess from around 120,000 dogs!

The city's goal is to increase the recycling percentage to 75% by 2010 and 100% by 2020, thereby making landfill redundant by that time. So when Norcal Waste Systems Inc, the city's garbage dispoal company, says it plans to implement a pilot program of dog poop recycling you know they're not mucking about ;)

Tomato Cologne

Why smell like 99% of the country’s brainwashed adolescents when you can be really different and smell far more fruity? Getting a bottle of Tomato Cologne for Christmas was most welcome and this little bottle of “pomme d’amor†fragrance from Burt’s Bees is genuinely cool - No excessive packaging, no gift-pack waste, no mass-market “appeal†or ludicrous adverts, just a little glass bottle with a label on a string.

BBC Climate Change Experiment

Run your experiment as a screensaver and see the results on a spinning globe

The BBC are conducting the world's largest climate change experiment and anybody with a home PC can help out.

The scientists involved in the project do have supercomputers at their dispoal but even these mighty machines can only do so much. That's where the combined power of say, 10,000 home PCs could help and number-crunch more data than the world's biggest computer.


Tom's Natural Deodorant

Here's another item I picked up when I was in the USA last - Unscented natural deodorant from Tom's of Maine. Being in stick form, there's obviously no harmful propellants, and no aluminium sulphate, which is known to be harsh and often cause allergic reactions.

Tom's use only good old fashioned natural stuff - lichen, aloe vera leaf juice, witch hazel, coriander... It's good for your skin, stops odour and keeps your conscience clean at the same time.