Ecosheet - Environmental Alternative to Plywood

Whilst listening to a Radio 4 podcast on the lack of lending by banks to SMEs, I came across the story of a firm called 2K Manufacturing. The broadcast was about the firm's difficulty in securing a loan from a major UK bank in order to expand the production of their Ecosheet product; It was this Ecosheet that really caught my attention.

(Royal) Junk Mail

I just flicked the TV on before going to work and caught a story on BBC1's "Breakfast" news show highlighting the fact that we will all be getting more junk mail in the UK.

Apparently Royal Mail's management have agreed to pay conditions with the postal workers' union just so long as Britain's postmen start shoving more junk through our letter boxes.

How Green is your Garden Compost?

Diarmuid Gavin gives his top tips on preparing your sustainable garden for summer

After one of the longest and coldest winters most of us can remember, the first shoots of spring are slowly starting to emerge. And while it is still too early for the nation’s gardeners to start preparing the beds and borders in their gardens, there is plenty to be done indoors, particularly when it comes to seeding.

Rushmoor Climate Change Consultation

Last night I went to a climate change consultation with my local Rushmoor Borough Council.

40 local residents were invited down to Aldershot on a cold February night to discuss the borough's policy and, arranged into small groups, we brainstormed Rushmoor BC's plans for the environment and the future.

Triodos Bank: Ethical Investing Increases

It was pleasing to see the news this morning that Triodos, the environmental & social investment bank, are doing well.

According to Third Sector, the charities, voluntary organisations and social enterprise website, Triodos Bank has increased lending & investment by 73% over the last year.

YoGen Charger for Free Energy

A friend has just come back from CES 2010, the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Now whilst the green in all of us asks why should we be interested in MORE gadgets to make last year's model obsolete and thus generate more waste, CES 2010 had quite a green theme this year.

But apart from the show being carbon neutral I wanted to say how impressed I am with YoGen.