Obama Defends Roadless Rule

In 2001 the Clinton administration issued the "roadless rule" that protects 40 million acres of American forests from new road builds and logging timber.

According to the LA Times this rule has been contested and now the Obama administration has waded into the fray, backing the roadless rule and giving hope to environmentalists who wish to protect the forests.

One can only surmise that loggers & road-builders have had their eyes on America's ancient woodland and have been hoping to overturn the arboreal protection in order to profit from the destruction of the forests.

This defence of America's natural beauty is an encouraging sign that the environment is more important to the USA than has been considered over the years of the Bush administration where environmental concerns have been way down the list of priorities.

The rule *could* still be overturned but the signs right now are good.

For more information on protecting America's natural beauty take a look at The Wilderness Society.