Our New Smartpower Meter

Ignore the name on the device (We're thinking of going to our friends at Ecotricity for their green gas scheme) but this is our new smartpower meter. OK, we've had it a few weeks now, but this little device is a lifesaver. OK, moneysaver. Energysaver.

Since plugging this meter we've monitored our electricity consumption, which is pretty low we think anyway, and it's made us even more aware of our energy use than ever. It's interesting watching the meter as the kettle is boiled or the fridge kicks into life but we're happy that we're consuming very little (Compared to some households we know)

The other device that has helped us reduce our electricity costs has been the excellent Energenie Automatic AV Standby Shutdown gang socket which totally switches off our TV, Wii & DVD when we're not using them.

We got this from our gas supplier but if we can find a link or place where you can grab one too we'll let you know.

Does anybody else think it's ironic that we have to plug in an electricity-consuming device to monitor our electricity consumption?