Rachel's Organic Go Green

Well, sort of...

We've got to admit that we were going to moan about the packaging of our daily delivery of Rachel's Organic semi-skimmed milk.

We started buying organic milk from our local milkman and with the only organic variety being Rachel's Organic, Britain's first organic dairy, we were a bit disappointed to see our milk turn up in Tetra Pak cartons.

Our fruit juice turns up in glass bottles, which are sent back, washed and re-filled. But the Tetra Pak milk cartons, being made of a plastic and multi-layered waxed cardboard, are particularly difficult to recycle so they're effectively bin jobs.

However, just as we were going to pen to paper and ask Rachel's Organic what they were going to do about their choice of not so environmentally friendly packaging for their environmentally friendly dairy produce, that very morning our milk turns up in plastic HDPE bottles. That's better than Tetra Pak cartons but still not as good as the classic old glass bottle, but we'll see if this is a one-off and report back to you.