Reduce Your Carbon Footyprint

Yes, you read that right, we said Carbon Footyprint. There's an online text ad doing the rounds at the moment that caught our attention...

"Make the beautiful game a greener game"

...and it clicks through to

Now Carbon Footyprint is an interesting website as it's all about getting football fans to go green and reduce the carbon footprint of the FA Cup. How do you reduce the carbon footprint of the FA Cup? Well, you get a coach to the match, you catch a lift with friends or you watch the FA Cup on the TV at home or in your local pub. So no change there then.

So why all the fuss about reducing your carbon footprint for mainly the FA Cup when there are so many more league matches? Well, the FA Cup is sponsored by the energy company E.ON and E.ON, "the power behind Powergen", are right on the green bandwagon at the moment with their other campaign Business Energy Green. (Make sure you check out where Powergen come in the Green Energy League Tables)

To give them their dues, E.ON ARE promoting car sharing and watching football on the TV for all matches, but the promotion is heavily focused on the FA Cup (sponsored by E.ON... oh sorry, we already told you that)

It's all a nice gesture to encourage football fans to go green and but shouldn't it be E.ON that's going green? Well, they're "one of the leading green generators in the UK" and intend to invest £1bn (yes, that's a whole £1 billion) in renewable energy over the next five years, or as much as £200m every year, with £53 million spent on energy efficiency in 2006 alone.

It's a cute attempt to urge everyone else to go green but we sense this all to be a big public relations drive to drum up more business. After all, E.ON has shareholders to answer to and has targets to meet, already with success in their nine month sales up by 7% this year with targets of between 5% and 10% for the 12 months.

What's more, E.ON's net profit for the year so far is nearly £3b so their £1b pledge to invest in renewables over 5 years is a pretty paltry sum.

Carbon Footyprint? Greenwash anybody?


We did a spoof of the E.ON site at - E.ON's new coal power station proposed for Kingsnorth will wipe out the pledges of 11 million football fans to reduce their emissions...

Pete, that's awesome, thanks for the link. So the whole greenwashing suspicion was true, aye?