Remade Nokia

Nokia's President and CEO unveiled a new concept Nokia mobile phone that is, at last, pretty environmentally friendly.

The new Nokia concept mobile, branded "Remade" is supposedly constructed from nothing new, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the device, using less raw materials, reducing landfill waste and making the whole production process more energy efficient.

The Nokia remade is a recycled, post-consumer piece of modern technology. Made from recycled aluminium (old drinks can), plastic from recycled plastic bottles, old car tyres and, rather than the old acid-etched circuit board, the green mobile phone has printed electronics.

But before you rush out and ask for a Nokia Remade to replace your funky iPhone or N95, remember that this is just a concept phone. For now.

Let's hope Nokia do the right thing and start using recycled material in ALL their products.


Indeed it is a good-looking eco-friendly phone - just a shame it's not seen the light of day in the last 2 years. The Nokia eco-friendly phone does seem to follow the form of the Vertu development phones we've seen in the past which also seem to have novel form factors.

Not only is it Eco Friendly, but it looks like the nicest designed Nokia I have seen for quite a while.