San Fransisco Dog Poop Power

The city of San Fransisco is setting a good standard by recycling around two thirds of its waste, the remaining third still goes to land fill. And 4% of the waste collected is dog mess from around 120,000 dogs!

The city's goal is to increase the recycling percentage to 75% by 2010 and 100% by 2020, thereby making landfill redundant by that time. So when Norcal Waste Systems Inc, the city's garbage dispoal company, says it plans to implement a pilot program of dog poop recycling you know they're not mucking about ;)

The plan is to collect and deposit the city's canine by-products into a methane digester where enzymes degrade the material, emitting methane which is then burned to either heat homes or power turbines to generate electricity.

Biomass energy production is a very viable option being the world's 4th most used energy source after coal, oil and gas so let's hope there's every success in bringing power to the people from poop.