Some People are Too Stupid to Recycle

Picture the scene:  a small communal galley kitchen in a building full of serviced offices.

There are two bins - One clearly labelled "Recyclable", the other clearly labelled "Non Recyclable". In addition there is an extra sign over the "Recyclable" bin reiterating that it is for "recyclable" stuff and in BIG CAPS it further clarifies that "NO FOOD ITEMS" are to go in the recyclable bin.

Now, if that's not clear enough there is also a little sign above the area with a list of all the things that safe to be considered recyclable and those that are not.

Easy, right?


Chicken legs, rice, coffee grinds, salad,  banana skins etc have all appeared in the recycling bin on a regular basis despite all these clear signs.

So what does this say about people?

We've taken to the skies, put a man on the moon,  split the atom, sequenced the human genome and created numerous intelligent devices and systems and yet some of this simian-descended race do not understand the clear and simple difference between recyclable and non-recyclable.

Some people are too stupid to recycle!

Good Grief!


Unfortunately, some people just seem to forget they have a duty to look after the planet, the amount of people who don't recycle properly, leave lights on when they don't need to, or put on the heating with windows open really is quite sad!