Food & Drink

Milford Farmers Market - Sunday 18th May

Farmers Markets are a great way for people to find local producers and cut down on the usually unseen environmental costs that globalisation brings.

Whenever there's a local farmers market on we go down to see what we can do to assist with "localisation". Afterall, if there is an oil crash and we all end up being unable to travel, we're not going to be able to get our flowers from Kenya and beef from Argentina, so it makes sense to rely on local producers.

Farmers Markets also boost the local economy and stimulate the sense of local community.

Big Brand Litter

One of the big problems with litter is that the global big brands pump millions of pounds into promoting and advertising their products, they shift massive numbers of units, lots of profit is made, they all enjoy the spoils of their business and ultimately don't care about the fact that their global brands are also creating massive amounts of rubbish!

Go Green - Drink Local Real Ale

Here at Everything's Gone Green we're great proponents of real ale, especially local real ale. Our local brewery is the Hog's Back Brewery in Tongham, Surrey, just a couple of miles down the road across the Hampshire border. They brew HBB (Hog's Back Bitter), TEA (Traditional English Ale) and, last weekends favourite session brew, Hop Garden Gold.

Mexican Tortillla Protests

Tens of thousands of people have marched through Mexico City to protest at the rising price of Tortillas.

Tortillas, the flat corn bread and staple diet item for many Mexicans, has risen in price by over 400%. Many people blame the rise in demand for corn on the bio-fuels market where corn is converted to ethanol and used as an environmentally-friendly fuel in the emerging US 'green' car market.

Rachel's Organic Go Green

Well, sort of...

We've got to admit that we were going to moan about the packaging of our daily delivery of Rachel's Organic semi-skimmed milk.

We started buying organic milk from our local milkman and with the only organic variety being Rachel's Organic, Britain's first organic dairy, we were a bit disappointed to see our milk turn up in Tetra Pak cartons.

Boil Better Day

Would you believe it... today is Boil Better Day?

As part of Energy Saving Week the Energy Saving Trust are promoting that we all use a little less water in our kettles - by only boiling as much water as you need rather than "filling the kettle" we can all be a bit more energy efficient, save energy & save money by simply boiling better.

Right, that's made me thirsty, I'm off to make a cup of tea...

Preheating Ovens Wastes Energy

One of my pet peeves in this obsession people have with preheating ovens. Why do they do it?

Is it because the fire had to be roaring before it was hot enough to cook the pot on? Maybe the Arga needed to be left a while until the coal was burning efficiently?

But these days we don't have so many of these ancient "appliances" (I still love to cook over a real fire on occasions) and the world has changed in terms of how we consume energy - we need to conserve our energy reserves.