Infographic - Electricity Consumption in the US

Infographics seem to be all the rage at the moment and here's one we've been sent about power consumption facts for the US.

America consumes more electricity than any other country in the world but China is fast catching up!

However, the surprise fact is that Canadians reportedly consume more electricity per capita than any other nation. I didn't know that!

Anyway, here's the infographic, power consumption facts for the US...


Grow Your Own (Infographic)

It looks like the concept of "grow your own" is really picking up again in Britain.

Whether it's due to the wave of austerity sweeping the nation, allowing people to supplement purchased food and reduce their costs, or the  sheer satisfaction of being able to plant, grow, harvest and taste your own fruit and veg, grow your own is a most welcome change in the national psyche.