EU turnaround on Biofuels

The ill-considered rush to provide biofuels for Europe & the world has led to a number of negative environmental issues.

Where biofuel was once seen as an easy alternative to producing greener vehicles, it was thought that simply fuelling the same old vehicles with "greener" fuel would be the answer to the CO2 issues.

However the use of biofuel, mainly due to these negative issues, is almost negligible.

Bali Deadlock Broken

It looks like the deadlock at the UN Bali summit has been broken.
After two weeks of intense talks it would have been a shambolic waste of time, money and effort for the summit to end without an agreement, without a clear path, no roadmap to a successor to the Kyoto Protocol.
But which way did it go? What did the UN head, Ban Ki Moon, do to reach an agreement?

Mexican Tortillla Protests

Tens of thousands of people have marched through Mexico City to protest at the rising price of Tortillas.

Tortillas, the flat corn bread and staple diet item for many Mexicans, has risen in price by over 400%. Many people blame the rise in demand for corn on the bio-fuels market where corn is converted to ethanol and used as an environmentally-friendly fuel in the emerging US 'green' car market.

EU plans 'industrial revolution'

Mr Barroso's Commission will have to sell its ideas to EU leaders

This just in from the BBC

The European Commission is due to demand a new "industrial revolution" when it unveils a wide-ranging set of proposals on energy and climate issues.

The EU's civil service wants more investment in renewable energy, arguing that the old fuels have a political as well as clear environmental cost.