Perfect Green Xmas Present: The WoodPad

If you're green and you've got an iPad then what better desktop accessory than a WoodPad?

The WoodPad is a solid wooden iPad stand that comes in a range of finishes - Ash, oak, cherry or maple.

Handmade in England by a traditional cabinet maker, each WoodPad is made from solid hardwood, has two viewing angles and has non-slip rubber feet.

What's more, the WoodPad is just £20 and comes with FREE international shipping.

Give Up Bottled Water - Find a Fountain

Bottled Water. A multi million (billion?) pound industry where businesses put water in bottles, market it heavily and make big fat profits.

And all you need to do is turn on the tap and out it comes. You already pay your water rates/have a water meter, so why on earth are you paying someone else to make big profits on something you're already paying for?

And then there's the whole industry of making the plastic bottles to fill up and throw on the streets or in the trash - What a waste of resources, just take a reusable bottle out with you, fill it up at home.

What? A Cardboard Vacuum Cleaner?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, Vax have come up with a cardboard vacuum cleaner.

No, it's not the practical equivalent of a chocolate fireguard, it's a seriously cool, practical and very green product. This is how it works...

You get your Vax ev vaccum cleaner in its box. The box disassembles to become the corrugated cardboard panels of the vacuum cleaner and they fit around the motor housing, popping into place, no need for glue.

New Toothy Tabs are Lush

Lush, the high street retailer and maker of fresh hand-made cosmetics, are concerned about the waste from traditional toothpaste dispensers. Most toothpaste tubes and modern fangled pumps end up in landfill so Lush have come up with a simple solution - Toothy Tabs.

Just open up the cardboard box, pop a toothy tab in your mouth, crunch it up, brush with a wetted brush and voila - clean teeth and no waste.

BIOS Urn for Recycled Humans

When I die I want to be a... tree!

Well, if that's what you want, your last wish can come true thanks to the BIOS Urn.

Originally designed in 2000 by Gerard Moline, the latest incarnation of the BIOS urn, from Spanish designer Martín Azúa, is made from coconut shell, compacted peat and cellulose with a funky green design on the outer sleeve.

Ecological Footwear by Po-Zu

From the moment you see the distinctive "upside down" photography you know that Po-Zu is going to be an interesting brand.

Founded in 2006 Po-Zu, from the Japanese word "pause", make ecological footwear. The company's founder, Sven Segal, objected to the practices of the regular footwear industry and embarked upon making his own range of biodegradable but durable shoes.