The Eden Project

The first time I saw the Eden Project was probably in or just after the first year after it opened, 2001. Once a quarry, or more accurately, a china clay pit, this big hole in the ground has been radically transformed into the incredible place that is the Eden Project with its trademark biodomes.

Back then it was just being populated; the domes were there with their own environments but the "pit" was a sparsely-planted. Now it has grown to maturity and what a splendid place the Eden Project is.

Global Recycling Collapse

It's quite incredible that the recycling industry seems to have collapsed.

A story on the UK TV news brought the matter to my attention with a company in the North East of the country having to rent vast warehouse space to store the unused and unwanted paper & cardboard they collected for recycling.

I then stumbled across another story in The Guardian saying pretty much the same thing but half a world away.

Reverse Vending

I was watching the local news on TV late last year and was fascinated by the story of a Hampshire couple who paid for their honeymoon by recycling. They collected recyclable litter for 3 months and fed it into a machine at their local store, receiving points that they converted into 36,000 airmiles for return flights to the USA in business class seats!

First Freecycle

After joining our local Freecycle group in June last year we finally rolled our sleeves up to start the new year and freecycled.

Rather than shedding some of the useful items we still have kicking around we took the plunge and liberated an old lawnmower. Our own mower is a modern piece of orange plastic and it isn't particularly good, so we leapt at the chance to recycle a piece of old English engineering.


What's that? T-Cycle? Sounds like an amalgam of T-shirt and Recycle. And you'd be right!

We spotted T-Cycle this morning; they're a little company that sell recycled t-shirts with fresh new designs on them and all their designs are bicycle themed.

T-Cycle are well into promoting greener modes of transport, pushing the bike agenda (sorry about the cheap pun there - Ed) and making the fashion industry far more ethical and environmentally-friendly than it has been in our modern, consumerist society.

Greening your Junk Mail

It's so annoying to get junk mail don't you think? It's usually for all the stuff that you don't want; another credit card, mortgage, car insurance... Actually that's as far as I can remember about what sort junk mail we used to get because it's been quite a long time since we saw that deluge of wasted paper on our doormat - We joined the MPS the Mailing Preference Service.

Recycle Credit Cards... as Guitar Plectrums

Only last week I was looking for somewhere to recycle credit cards, old bank cards and expired store cards & membership cards. I searched the Internet but found nothing. Maybe I wasn't trying hard enough.

Today it dawned on me, whilst looking for a plectrum/pick to play my guitar... why don't I make guitar plectrums by recycling my old cards?

Using a plectrum (I eventually found one) as a template, I marked up an old store card and cut out each plectrum one-by-one with a pair of suitably sharp, heavy duty scissors. I managed to squeeze 6 plectrums from one card.


Recycling Support for SMEs Withdrawn

WRAP, the Waste and Recycling Action Programme, has withdrawn its scheme to help Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (Small businesses to you and me) do their recycling.

In a shock move, just four months after the scheme was launched, WRAP pulled the plug on their "Funding Support Scheme for Recycling Services to Business".

The scheme was introduced in October last year to give UK small businesses a boost in going green by supporting the groups that offer recycling services to small business.

Remade Nokia

Nokia's President and CEO unveiled a new concept Nokia mobile phone that is, at last, pretty environmentally friendly.

The new Nokia concept mobile, branded "Remade" is supposedly constructed from nothing new, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the device, using less raw materials, reducing landfill waste and making the whole production process more energy efficient.