Greenwash in the Japanese Paper Industry

Japan's Oji Paper has admitted to lying "for decades" about the amount of recycled paper in their products.

The leading paper maker in Japan has come clean about the fact that, in one case, the amount of recycled fibre in their copy paper was not 50% as claimed but only between 5 and 10%.

Some of Oji Paper's envelopes were thought to contain as much as 70% recycled paper whereas the real content was just 30%.

Britain, the Dustbin of Europe

As the county of Kent is the Garden of England, so the UK is the Dustbin of Europe. The Landfill Dustbin of Europe to be precise.

Figures out last month from the Local Government Authority show that Britain really is the dustbin of Europe, dumping more rubbish into landfill than any other European country.

The stats are for the last year of data, 2005, but it shows the following countries and the tonnage (in millions) of waste that goes into landfills each year.


Autumn and Winter Composting Tips

If you're a keen gardener or just doing all those good things that make up the green lifestyle, then you've probably got a compost bin in your back garden.

At this time of year the decomposition process slows down due to the cold and wet conditions, so here are a few autumn & winter composting tips to keep your composting process healthy during the colder months.


Big Brand Litter

One of the big problems with litter is that the global big brands pump millions of pounds into promoting and advertising their products, they shift massive numbers of units, lots of profit is made, they all enjoy the spoils of their business and ultimately don't care about the fact that their global brands are also creating massive amounts of rubbish!

Please Do Not Print this Email...

I received an email from a client today with the following phrase at the foot of their note...

"Think Green - Please do not print this email unless you really need to"

That's not only perfectly good advice but also very appropriate - I know someone who I have tried time and time again to deter from printing virtually EVERYTHING on their PC onto paper. And yes, they do print their emails. These emails are then stored away and forgotten.

Why oh why do they bother? It is so frustratingly pointless.

Prevent Flies in your Compost Bin

Tip of the day to prevent flies in your compost bin: wrap all your old kitchen scraps in a sheet or two of old newspaper before dropping them in your compost bin. This should keep flies from laying their eggs on the organic waste.

This follows the prinicple of mixing "green" and "brown" waste, so a really good layer of shredded paper will do the trick but not so well as wrapping old fruit and veg in newspaper.

Also keep the lid on and make sure there are no gaps into the bin.