Rachel's Organic Go Green

Well, sort of...

We've got to admit that we were going to moan about the packaging of our daily delivery of Rachel's Organic semi-skimmed milk.

We started buying organic milk from our local milkman and with the only organic variety being Rachel's Organic, Britain's first organic dairy, we were a bit disappointed to see our milk turn up in Tetra Pak cartons.

Compost bin

At last, the compost bin turned up.
After 10 whole weeks without one, after graciously leaving the other one behind at the last place, we now have our very own 330 litre compost bin. Whoopee.
And it was worth the wait because it was a good price and it's HUGE too.
The local council were offering these composters at a discount; so we ordered direct from the manufacturers, quoted the promotional code and save a few pence too - the money we saved allowed us to get a water butt to collect our rainwater.

San Fransisco Dog Poop Power

The city of San Fransisco is setting a good standard by recycling around two thirds of its waste, the remaining third still goes to land fill. And 4% of the waste collected is dog mess from around 120,000 dogs!

The city's goal is to increase the recycling percentage to 75% by 2010 and 100% by 2020, thereby making landfill redundant by that time. So when Norcal Waste Systems Inc, the city's garbage dispoal company, says it plans to implement a pilot program of dog poop recycling you know they're not mucking about ;)