The Eden Project

The first time I saw the Eden Project was probably in or just after the first year after it opened, 2001. Once a quarry, or more accurately, a china clay pit, this big hole in the ground has been radically transformed into the incredible place that is the Eden Project with its trademark biodomes.

Back then it was just being populated; the domes were there with their own environments but the "pit" was a sparsely-planted. Now it has grown to maturity and what a splendid place the Eden Project is.

The Carbon Footprint of a Google Search

As innocuous as it may seem, "Googling" apparently has a definite environmental impact.

A story in The Sunday Times says that two Google searches are the equivalent to boiling enough water for one cup of tea.

Alex Wissner-Gross, a physicist at Harvard University who came up with the figures, estimates that a search on Google generates 7g of CO2. Boiling a kettle for just one cup of tea generates 15g of CO2.

Reverse Vending

I was watching the local news on TV late last year and was fascinated by the story of a Hampshire couple who paid for their honeymoon by recycling. They collected recyclable litter for 3 months and fed it into a machine at their local store, receiving points that they converted into 36,000 airmiles for return flights to the USA in business class seats!

Rackspace Green Hosting

In my day job I've just signed a deal to have a web server to be hosted by rackspace here in the UK. The decision to go with this hosting company was purely a technical & commercial one but upon signing the contract I asked my account manager over at rackspace just where our server was physically located.

Bamboo Mountain Bike

No, that's not a brand name or a model name, this is a mountain bike with a bamboo frame!

My own mountain bike is a full-suspension alloy number I bought a few years back (at a considerable discount) as an ex-demo from my local bike shop, but I have to admit this little beauty is quite an eye-opener.

Remade Nokia

Nokia's President and CEO unveiled a new concept Nokia mobile phone that is, at last, pretty environmentally friendly.

The new Nokia concept mobile, branded "Remade" is supposedly constructed from nothing new, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the device, using less raw materials, reducing landfill waste and making the whole production process more energy efficient.

Car that Runs on Air

Over at the BBC there's a great video story on a car that runs on air.

The car, well, a small van actually, has a tiny engine that runs on compressed air and uses other fuels for longer journeys. That means that during the urban cycle the vehicle makes absolutely no emissions at all. Except, for now, a bit of noise.

Inventor Guy Negre, an ex Formula 1 engineer, said that: