Hummer Bummer (Hooray!)

GM's Hummer, the 2.5 ton 12 MPG Ego Carrier, has long been an icon.

On the one hand it has been a "status" symbol - an extra 2,700 kg of perceived self-importance, a sign of machismo, being unstoppable, oozing with attitude, couldn't-care-less gas-guzzling excess and having a tiny penis.

On the other hand the Hummer has represented everything worthy of contempt - all of the above, the death to other drivers in a road traffic accidents and the inspiration behind FUH2.

Bad News on Heathrow

Ministers will apparently give the go-ahead for the controversial third runway at London's Heathrow Airport later today according to the BBC.

Despite open opposition from around 50 of the Government's own MPs, opposition MPs, environmental groups, concerned citizens and residents of the houses in the path of the runway, the announcement will be made today under the provision that the expansion is within strict environmental parameters.

The Deadly Hummer

The Hummer has to be the most-hated vehicle in history; a 2-ton, 10 mpg piece of utterly pointless machinery for people with egos the size of a planet and a very small penis.

Then there are the chauffeur companies that even have them as stretch-limos! Come on, a stretch hummer? Whoever thinks a Hummer is cool is seriously lacking in the brain department.

Petrol Prices

I'll admit it - I'm a petrol head. That may sound like utter hypocrisy for a man who runs a green website, but it's the way I was brought up.

Like all boys I've always loved cars and when I had the opportunities to buy fast cars I did so. I still have them. One hasn't done a single mile in 6 years and the other does over 30 miles to the gallon. I also do below average mileage, the cars are old but well-maintained and so I probably contribute far less CO2 into the environment than your average motorist, maybe half. That's still a good score.


What's that? T-Cycle? Sounds like an amalgam of T-shirt and Recycle. And you'd be right!

We spotted T-Cycle this morning; they're a little company that sell recycled t-shirts with fresh new designs on them and all their designs are bicycle themed.

T-Cycle are well into promoting greener modes of transport, pushing the bike agenda (sorry about the cheap pun there - Ed) and making the fashion industry far more ethical and environmentally-friendly than it has been in our modern, consumerist society.