Greenwash Day not Green Britain Day

Friends, Britons, countrymen... lend me your ears.

Today, Friday 10th July 2009, is supposedly Green Britain Day. The concept has been thought up by French nuclear energy giants EDF.

However, as has been said , this whole concept is a complete sham because:

National Grid Calls for UK Energy Masterplan to meet Climate Change Challenge

National Grid is taking an energy and climate change leadership role in the UK and calling for a national Masterplan to be developed to determine the route-map for a low-carbon economy.

The company is seeking greater Government, industry and consumer collaboration in order to meet the Government targets of 80% emissions reduction by 2050, and 15% renewable energy sources by 2020.

National Grid Chief Executive, Steve Holliday, said;

Global Recycling Collapse

It's quite incredible that the recycling industry seems to have collapsed.

A story on the UK TV news brought the matter to my attention with a company in the North East of the country having to rent vast warehouse space to store the unused and unwanted paper & cardboard they collected for recycling.

I then stumbled across another story in The Guardian saying pretty much the same thing but half a world away.

Buy Nothing Day 2008

It's that time of year again folks, it's Buy Nothing Day.

Unless of course you're in North America where it was Buy Nothing Day yesterday, to coincide with Black Friday, that day of retail mayhem where shoppers become so rabid with the hunger for cheap deals that this year a man was trampled to death by the consuming hordes!

Green Business Tips that won't Cost you a Penny

We've been thinking about the things a business can do to "go green" and that won't cost them a penny and it was a pretty easy list to drum up. The simplicity of going green is that a business will not only become environmentally friendly and help towards sustainability but will actually cut costs; any business that cuts costs is saving money - saving money equates to more profit. So it's what they call a win-win situation.

1. Switch off the Lights.

Rackspace Green Hosting

In my day job I've just signed a deal to have a web server to be hosted by rackspace here in the UK. The decision to go with this hosting company was purely a technical & commercial one but upon signing the contract I asked my account manager over at rackspace just where our server was physically located.

Apes Protest Against Palm Oil

Protesters from Greenpeace, some dressed in ape suits, have demonstrated at the premises of Unilever in both London and the North West of England.

Unilever, the global Anglo-Dutch company with interests in food, drink, cleaning products and personal care items, is a major user of palm oil in many of its products. Formed back in 1930 as a merger between the British soap makers, Lever Brothers, and Dutch firm Margarine Unie, the company amalgamated to pool its resources as both products (soap & margarine) relied heavily in the use of palm oil.